Hey there,
My name is Emily and I’m a huge fan of almost all kinds of music. A few month ago I lost my music collection due to a hard disk fail. I made a really thorough research and I came to realize that the best way to store all of your data is in a cloud. Cloud storage is a solution to all the problems with damaged hard disks, lost laptops and stolen phones, limited space and most of all – you have all of your files on all of your devices.
You can upload to the cloud your music from your PC or Mac and then have directly on your phone or tablet.
I’ve tried a lot of cloud storage services and now you are a part of this journey.
I hope I can be of help!
If you need anything, contact me!


  1. Hi I recently lost a lot of files too. Mine arent music files but spoken words from radio broadcasts. Each file is 30 mins playing time and typically 17mbs. To my dropbox cloud storage account it takes 90 seconds to download each file – and Ive got hundreds! Is there a service that downloads large or multiple files quickly?

    1. Hi! You can try pCloud. It’s one of my mostly used cloud storage services and I’m overall happy with it. Download speed’s fast and it has a built-in auido player so you will be able listen to your radio broadcasts without any problems. Hope I’ve helped.

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