Plug it in Pogoplug – think twice!


Holla, music enthusiasts! After a long hiatus, I’ve finally returned with a whole new set of cloud storage providers for your tunes. Read on to see which provider has gotten himself in the limelight today!

And the winner is..Pogoplug! I’ve had a couple of days to test and measure its potential, but only one was enough to see what it’s truly capable of. To start off using the service, you have to, naturally, join it either with your Facebook profile or by creating a special Pogoplug account. After you sign up, Pogoplug will welcome you with 15GB of free storage, no referrals here. And if you think, they’re being stingy, you can always show them how it’s done and spring some green on one of their paid plans.

Technically speaking, PogoPlug has some cool options up its sleeve. You can upload files through various means like drag&drop, choosing files manually or sending them to The service also works as an online backup and has the ability to restore your information to a new device with the Pogoplug application installed. If you’re wondering what do all the things I’ve said have to do with music, I’ll tell you why. Although tempting on paper, most of Pogoplug’s uploading features have some drawbacks. Drag&Drop works fine, but if you want to use the standard way to backup your files from the service’s web application, you have to do that one by one. Furthermore, uploading your data by sending it as an email unfortunately doesn’t work at all. If you want to have your favourite jams on the cloud, drag&drop will have to do the trick whether you like it or not.

A similar situation may be your audio experience with the dedicated ‘Music player’, Pogoplug provides its users with. I like the fact that the application’s developers have taken the time to build such a feature as not many cloud services provide embedded audio players. However, I would have been happier, provided the quality of the feature was as good as their determination. You can find the ‘Music player’ in the swipe menu just below the photo gallery.

2014-08-14 at 4.33.31 PMIt sorts your files by artists, albums, genres and playlists. After you start playing your songs, a player will appear on the bottom of the screen, enabling you to multitask and use PogoPlug for different purposes. However, though, don’t count on the playlist options of the cloud. Even after you’ve created a playlist, you have to manually play the next song. How is that playlist like?

2014-08-14 at 4.34.38 PMPogoplug’s mobile application is another story, though. You’re going to have a good time listening to your tunes, as the music player offers a lot more than in the web. It’s not the fastest player on earth, but it doesn’t require you to manually switch your songs or play them one after another.


Verdict: Pogoplug’s doesn’t have the best audio options out there. If you play your music on web more often, I’d recommend you try searching elsewhere. Yet, if your smartphone’s the main device you use for music, then give Pogoplug a shot.

One comment

  1. Can you use any service, like or otixo to transfer content form Google Drive to this Pogo thing?

    I got all my content in Google Drive now, which sucks, so I can’t download everything and then upload everything to Pogo.

    What do you do here?

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