Your Audios Residing in Google Drive


This time, my quest for quality cloud storage providers led me to none other than the famous Google Drive. Now, I’ve read multiple times that the service is one of the best online cloud storage providers out there, so sooner or later I had to try it out. To be honest, my experience with Google Drive wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something out of the ordinary too. In fact, I was a bit disappointed by the embedded audio player and how “dry” its design was.

To begin with, activating the service was quite easy. I had no problems logging in, as all you need to have is a Google account. After you log in, Google gives you 15GB of free online storage, which is a fair amount of space. Catch is – it is redistributed among your Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos, which limits you to store files up to 10GB in the drive alone. The platform is customizable to a large extent. There are no preset folders and you can choose the design density from Comfortable to Cozy and Compact to your liking.

2_Main view

You have the option to synch your files with your computer, which when I tested, was insanely fast. A feature that gained my attention was “Shared with me” in the left-hand side navigation. It helped me organize the music, which my friends sent me. I could also share large files without a problem, kudos to Google.

Now let’s get to the main point, here – audio playing. First of all, uploading my music was fast and easy, which left me with a good impression. Google Drive has an embedded music player, which is a nice touch other cloud storage providers don’t take into consideration. However, its design was more than horrible. The audio player was too small and it occupied the whole screen, which, in my opinion was unnecessary.

3_Audio player

At first I thought, that there were no playlist options, but later on I found out that you could activate them from the app settings. I’m happy that Google offers this option to its users, but it could have saved me some time by actually pointing it out somehow rather than hiding it so well. Something, which was not hidden, though, was how much space I was using. Located in the bottom left corner, it gave me a detailed information how much of the storage I have used and how it’s distributed, and that made my experience a little more pleasant.

4_Music player

Verdict: In my opinion, Google Drive tried to go for a modest and minimalistic design, however, losing the main idea along the way. Even though managing and backing up my files was quick and easy, some of the functions I used the most were hard to find, therefore taking up my time and nerves. If you like the idea of having full control over the organization of your cloud and use the provided space for the simple purpose of storing and sharing information, Google Drive’s just the thing for you. However, though, if you’re like me and use cloud services mainly for music, you might try and search for another option.

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