Store Your Audios on OneDrive. Or Not?

free cloud storage

The Microsoft cloud storage service OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) now appears with a new face and multiple user-friendly options. To use the service, first you need to set up a Microsoft account. Initially you get 7GB free storage space plus up to 8 GB bonus space, using OneDrive’s referral scheme. This is quite a good deal for storing your audios, but there are services that offer better quotas.

First, to test the platform, how about trying to upload some audios to the cloud.

 online music sharing

The upload goes fast and nice, but when uploaded, my files look unrecognizable. At first I thought the format was problematic (I uploaded flacs). So, I tried to upload some other files in more common formats, such as mp3s. Well, a music note sign appears as an icon of the file, so, apparently the system recognizes it as an audio, but can you play it? Nope.

 free file sharing

When you click on your file, it automatically starts downloading. When you right-click on it, you get the additional options list. No play option there. Really sorry to see this. So, Microsoft, you get my thumbs down in terms of audios. I tested the cloud storage platform for playing videos. It goes quite nicely. So, why not provide the same for audios? I really wonder.

However, you get the option to embed your audio files, which is rather nice.

 send audio online

By clicking the embed option, the platform provides you with an embed code, which you can paste into your website or blog and this way provide your audios for playing by yourself and other users on other platforms.

However, since I am looking for online storage space where I can store and play my favorite audios, I would not recommend OneDrive for this purpose. It works for storage, but not for playing, so… stay tuned on other ideas of good places for your audios.

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