Your Audios in Copy

music online

Music is everywhere! Even in the clouds! Figuratively and literally speaking.

My newest research is based on storing music files in the online storage platform of Copy. In my view, the Copy file backup system is not the greatest, especially in terms of appearance. However, the free space it offers is quite generous, which I like a lot. The system gives you 15 GB for free at sign up. You can also earn 5GB bonus free cloud storage space if you refer the service to a friend. This way both you and your friend will get those 5GB as a bonus. Nice one, isn’t it?

With such an amount of online storage space you can definitely store quite a large collection of compressed audios, such as .mp3s. And also, the platform provides an embedded player for your favorite songs.

cloud music

However, the flaw of Copy is that it does not support certain music file formats, and it is actually difficult to find particular information on the supported music formats. Maybe you need to try yourselves. Of course, you can store any file formats, just for the sake of data backup, but when it comes to playing songs online, well, that’s a different story.

When you upload your audios to the cloud, you can easily share them with your friends. When you click on the file you like to share, you will get the following options.

 online audio sharing

At this point you have the opportunity to Download or Share your favorite files. If you click on the Share option, you will get the following screen, containing a link, which you can simply copy to the clipboard and paste into an Instant Messenger, or you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or send it through an email.

share audio online

Copy also provides a desktop and mobile application to ease your upload needs. If you install the desktop application, you can simply drag and drop your favorite music files into the Copy folder, created on your computer. If you do that, your files will be automatically synchronized to the web platform. This way you can be sure that your music collection is always safe and protected in the cloud.

On mobile, Copy works with iPhone, iPad, and Android. The player looks very well on mobile, so you can listen to your favorite albums directly through the Copy application on your device.

listen mp3 online

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