Audios in Amazon Cloud

free cloud storage

Hi there, music fans! Yesterday I decided to take a look at the Amazon online cloud storage service, because it has been a subject to a lot of buzz these days. And what did I see? With a notebook like view, it provides a decent cloud service at a reasonable price. However, since I am not a fan of paid services, I decided to test its free version, so that I see if it works for storing my multiple audios.

Amazon only gives you 5GB online storage space for free, which is not much, compared to other services I’ve tested. So, thumbs down on this one. The main view of the service is not bad, actually. It provides embedded folders for your videos, documents and pictures, but you can create and manage your own folders as well.

online music sharing

So, first I created my custom Audios folder, then I uploaded a number of files to the cloud. The uncool thing about Amazon is that its embedded free player only plays .mp3 files, while for other file formats you need to purchase its own, native player.

free file sharing

The player is available for Web, Mac, PC, and any mobile devices, as well as Kindle Fire. Through Amazon’s paid music service you can also purchase music files in a .mp3 format or entire music collections for very reasonable prices. All music files and albums you purchase from Amazon, as well as those you have purchased in the past will be automatically saved to the Cloud Player, which means you’ll have a secure online cloud backup of the music you buy at Amazon, free of charge. Amazon Cloud Player lets you keep a safe backup of your music in its secure cloud, then download or play those mp3s anytime. All imported songs are instantly made available in Cloud Player and upgraded to high-quality 256 Kbps audio, or so they claim. You can also create and manage playlists, stream your music from the cloud, or download it for playback offline.

So, shortly, Amazon offers a number of services, grouped in a cloud storage system, which, for those, willing to pay a particular sum, may be a very comfy way of creating and storing large collections of music.

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