My Music in Box

Storing my music in a cloud storage was the best decision in my life. It is safe, it is there and hopefully I will never lose it again.

First stop on my search for the best cloud storage for audio files is Box.
online audio sharing
On sign up they give you 10GB free space which is roughly 2000 songs, but there is a limit to the file size you can upload – 250MB.
The upload through the web access to is easy and the drag&drop function makes the uploading of songs simple . You can also download the Box sync to your desktop and have your music moved there. Then you can open it on you phone or tablet, or on other computers.
Box has mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, Android and a desktop app for Windows.
The mobile apps have a really simple, but still useful music player although “player” is a bit exaggerated. You can play a single song with no next/back option, only play and stop.
Box has a feature to view you files offline, but unfortunately you CAN’T listen to your music directly from your box account when you’re not connected to the Internet.
If you tried Box and you liked it you can upgrade your accout to 1TB for $15 a month.
But don’t hurry, my next stop might be better.

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