The journey to cloud storage for audio begins

A few months back my music was destroyed due to a hard disk fail. Years and years of collecting, more than 200GB of pure pleasure – lost! You can only guess how frustrated I was when this happened. You know they always say “put your important files on a external hard drive  to keep them safe”? As it turns out it’s not that safe. I mean – at all! The thing just went KabOOm!

Anyway, bad things happen now and then, and I decided I won’t make a big deal out of it. Instead I wanted to raise the alarm for people who may encounter the same problem.
People, the only safe way to preserve your precious data is by uploading it in a cloud storage. You may think it’s dangerous, but ask yourself which is more important – worrying that NSA will get to your dirty photos, or having them 10 years later so you can enjoy the great body you once had?
Anyway, aside from the recently razed security alerts, cloud storage services are easy, fast and user friendly.
I decided to turn the unfortunate events of losing my music into some kind of a exploratory experience and went on a free cloud storage hunt.
The first thing that comes to mind of course is Dropbox. The pioneers of clouds. But as I signed for their service I actually realized that they may be the first ones, but are far away from the best. For example – they only give you 2GB of free space. You can get more if you invite friends, share in social media and so on, but why do the work when BOX gives you 10 GB to start with, and Google Drive gives you 5 GB, but with the extra that all of you things are in one place and you can connect everything with your G+ account?
I’m a bit free space junkie so I dig deeper into the sky to find better options.
Bitcasa is way smaller service than the giants in the industry, but they are more generous in giving – 10GB on sign up and work your up to 20GB, following bonus steps. While Mediafire gives you 10GB on sign up, but you can get it up to 50GB.
And there are so many more. I’m just in the beginning of this jumping on the clouds, but at least my renewed collection of audio files will be safe in a file storage service.

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